Grapat Nest Bowls


Grapat Nest Bowls

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The Nest Bowl set contains 24 bowls of different sizes which are grouped into six differently coloured lots. Each of the six coloured lots includes four bowls of degrading hues from bright to light. Nesting bowls are one of the most versatile open-ended toys.

They can be used in loose parts and sensory play set ups, for practising fine motor skills or for logical play set ups like hide and seek. You can fill them, empty them, turn them upside down, stack them, roll them, sort them according to their colours and you can even use these bowls to start conversations about primary colours (yellow, red and blue) and secondary colours (orange, green and purple).

These 24 wooden pieces allow children to be creative and encourage them to explore different ways of play.

Recommended age 3+ years